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Thursday, September 24, 2009

More than 300 downloads for dutest module

Download dutest module

¿Have you ever noticed how fast children become men and women? Of course you have ! And I consider that my FOSS projects are just like my children. Their goal is that everybody be able to be more efficient and happy. Hence I wanted to share with you this glorious moment: users have downloaded dutest more than 300 times. Isn't it wonderful ? I know, I know ... I have only written a very concise article about that minimalistic framework. That's why I plan to write a more tutorial entries about it as soon as I can.

Well you know this is a very brief entry, this doesn't means that it's not important, but instead that I have no free time at all :(. I just want to share my happiness with you, and thank all those who tried it out and use it.

Before the end I invite you all to visit Simelo's projects site and the FLiOOPS project site, so that you can learn a little more about all my projects. I hope you like them and wish to be back to you soon, here in Simelo's blog.


  1. Off topic: I found a nice 'read more..' feature in your blog. Would you please share it with us?

    Thank you


  2. Of course. Now that you mention, I'll write an entry about that as soon as I can.

    Thanks for reminding me so ;o)