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Friday, October 16, 2009

Gasol in for Spain: they lead european basket

Pau GasolImage by lubright via Flickr

Gasol, the big brother, he is a tremendous success almost paranormal. He has suction pads in his fingers and his opponents know that he hypnotizes the ball. Like a magnet, he always intercepts it before reaching the net. Who can even dare to put the ball into the basket? And you better don't do it, otherwise he goes to your own field, makes you look silly and lowers your self-esteem after completing an alley-oop especially dedicated for you. ¡You will feel ashamed!

Please listen : don't get mad, that's not the solution. Have you ever reconsidered what's the point in doing all that? Anyway if he isn't the one then anybody in the team will do it. They will bombard you shooting far beyond the three-points line, or they will pass the ball fast as hell bringing all the fantasy you could imagine in order to score. There's no other way, you will be out and full of faults. Then you'll realize that you were merely the most active person in the crowd rather than the field. That's why Spain basketball team is the new european champion (for the first time) whereas Serbia couldn't make it. For Pau Gasol his recent success in NBA was just one of the first milestones.
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