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Thursday, January 21, 2010

TracGViz plugin downloaded more than 1000 times (> 300 from PyPI)

TracGViz plugin

Among the Trac plugins I've implemented so far TracGViz has an special place. Recently, this module has surpassed the 300 downloads from PyPI. This is only a fraction of the total because it is possible to download it from Softpedia (518 downloads for Mac and 203 downloads for Linux) and from WareSeeker (12 downloads). In total 1055 downloads have been made, considering the 322 from PyPI. But who knows, maybe there are other sites that offer similar services. However these numbers (note that I am only speaking of version 1.3.4 ;o) are enough to fulfill my expectations. For more details, please read this short entry and consult the  documentation in the project site.

This plugin integrates the PMS with the technology known as Google Visualization API to enhance the Trac wiki with mini-applications of all kinds. It also allows to display and process data managed by a project environment, but on sites located beyond the domain where the management system is located. As a side effect it extends the Trac RPC API providing access (create, read, execute) to the reports, to data about the source code and its versions, and details of the events recorded during the lifetime of the project.

This is one of the huge welcoming signs for Go...Image via Wikipedia

Currently (i.e. up to version 1.3.4) an optimistic estimate indicates that this tool can satisfy only about 10% percent of the use cases for this Google technology. However, version 1.4.1 will be ready soon and it will cover about an 80% percent, and especially some of the most common tasks. The improvements provide new features for users, support to display multiple views of the same data using any of the available widgets as well as integration with other systems. Several tests show that its operation is stable.

A practical example will be posted soon on this blog. So my advice is to follow the new blog articles. I hope they will be useful for you.

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