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Monday, December 5, 2011

@Wandisco sponsors Bloodhound, a fork of Trac

Trac becomes Bloodhound?

Even if you still don't know, it is a fact that I'm a convinced  Python advocate and developer. I like programming and I also think that  Trac is one of the most well-designed systems out there. I have implemented  some plugins myself (hope you like them ;). Besides it's pretty famous and there are countless online installations . Nonetheless in the last few years its development was not as fast as many of us would have wanted . There are some reasons for this to happen . Firstly  Edgewall (the company behind  Trac) is not what it used to be once upon a time. Besides  the site hosting many plugins needs an upgrade since long time ago . In my opinion it'd be nice to migrate the VCS so as to use a distributed system , let's say either  Mercurial or  Git (I vote for the former ;) . According to my personal experience it also happens that plugin developers might not have enough support to dedicate time to make their ideas a reality, and decide to take another job. Recently I got some good news . There's strong interest to support its development . The whole thing started few months ago when a message was sent to  trac-users and  trac-dev mailing lists. Now, thanks to  Wandisco, this request led to  a proposal named Bloodhound willing to support its development, but incubated under the  Apache (ASF) umbrella. So far the idea is to create a friendly fork of the core  Trac distribution and also package some useful and successful  plugins. I'm so excited about the idea. Let's see how it goes. Thanks to all those who made this possible.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TuxInfo - Introduction to functional programming in Python

 TuxInfo 40 ready for download!!! ¿Why Androoid is number 1?

Recently I wrote (together with  Arnau Sánchez) an article on functional programming in Python. It's been published by  TuxInfo magazine. This is the most recent of a series pursuing the goal of introducing starters to the art of programming in Python, and very particularly to illustrate language support for multiple programming paradigms. All of you interested on subjects related to computer programming (and able to understand Spanish ;o) are invited to read it. Comments are welcome. Should you access this  page to download TuxInfo 40. If you prefer consult previous editions in  the archive.

Before the end it's necessary to send kudos to TuxInfo team who have achieved the major goal of keeping the magazine between the preferences of free software fans after 40th volume. Congratulations Ariel Corgatelli et al.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Appeartowork - Use Facebook while you appear to work

Enjoy Facebook while you appear to work

Some days ago, the 8th of July 2011 at 21:00 h (more or less ;o) I could finally deploy the web site  Appeartowork . The underlying idea is simple: let users access their  Facebook accounts while they appear to work. Nowadays there are three flavours. Firstly there's a skin similar to  MS Word. Everybody will be wondering what kind of report you'll be writing ;o). On the other hand it's also possible for users to pretend they are using  MS Excel . Oh my! How many complex formula in such a lovely stylesheet ! :P. Finally geeks and gurus are not alone. How could we forget them ? There's a lovely console there for you to type. If something is wrong just type rm -Rv / and press Enter. Take a deep breath, you'll just see that message posted later to your wall rather than losing all your valuable data. Best part is that your boss is never gonna know, and encourage you saying something like Cool! Keep up the good work. Great idea. Needless to say you'll get a bonus by the end of the month thanks to your productivity and impecable behavior :o).

And that's it ! Even if there are a few details to polish, it's an interesting and funny idea for you to try. Hope you all like it !

You know. Your angry boss is after you to know when you contact friends while being on duty? Just try  Appeartowork ;o).