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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Appeartowork - Use Facebook while you appear to work

Enjoy Facebook while you appear to work

Some days ago, the 8th of July 2011 at 21:00 h (more or less ;o) I could finally deploy the web site  Appeartowork . The underlying idea is simple: let users access their  Facebook accounts while they appear to work. Nowadays there are three flavours. Firstly there's a skin similar to  MS Word. Everybody will be wondering what kind of report you'll be writing ;o). On the other hand it's also possible for users to pretend they are using  MS Excel . Oh my! How many complex formula in such a lovely stylesheet ! :P. Finally geeks and gurus are not alone. How could we forget them ? There's a lovely console there for you to type. If something is wrong just type rm -Rv / and press Enter. Take a deep breath, you'll just see that message posted later to your wall rather than losing all your valuable data. Best part is that your boss is never gonna know, and encourage you saying something like Cool! Keep up the good work. Great idea. Needless to say you'll get a bonus by the end of the month thanks to your productivity and impecable behavior :o).

And that's it ! Even if there are a few details to polish, it's an interesting and funny idea for you to try. Hope you all like it !

You know. Your angry boss is after you to know when you contact friends while being on duty? Just try  Appeartowork ;o).

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