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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TuxInfo - Introduction to functional programming in Python

 TuxInfo 40 ready for download!!! ¿Why Androoid is number 1?

Recently I wrote (together with  Arnau Sánchez) an article on functional programming in Python. It's been published by  TuxInfo magazine. This is the most recent of a series pursuing the goal of introducing starters to the art of programming in Python, and very particularly to illustrate language support for multiple programming paradigms. All of you interested on subjects related to computer programming (and able to understand Spanish ;o) are invited to read it. Comments are welcome. Should you access this  page to download TuxInfo 40. If you prefer consult previous editions in  the archive.

Before the end it's necessary to send kudos to TuxInfo team who have achieved the major goal of keeping the magazine between the preferences of free software fans after 40th volume. Congratulations Ariel Corgatelli et al.


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